How To Dissapear Completely (skinnijeans) wrote in boxingsbest,
How To Dissapear Completely

Introductory post

Name? Amber
Age? 19
Favorite boxer? I don't have one yet
Favorite time period of boxing? all of it i guess...there's no bad time.
Your color choice for boxing gloves? Don't got none yet, but if i did, they'd probably be black or green
Color choice(s) for trunks? " ", but probably would be black with a green stripe down each side

I dont know much about boxing, but Id appreciate any help I can get, cause I'd really like to get myself into it as a lifestyle. I'm from Shelby, North Carolina, and I'm pretty much at the right age to start training, so i would definitely appreciate any recommendations and what I should do as to taking the steps (where i should go, who i should talk to, etc)

I'm sort of lookin towards a crash course, if you can even call it that.

plus, I'm pretty damn good with a jump rope!

mmkay yall have a good o
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