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Hello everyone. My name is Trish and I joined a while ago but haven't properly introduced myself... so with out further ado...

Name? Trish

Age? 26

Favorite boxer? That's a tough choice... I'm partial to Cotto, I think he's an excellent fighter but overall my favorite boxer is Wilfredo Gomez. He was amazing!

Favorite time period of boxing? I can't choose just one decade, there were so many epic fights... the 60's, 80's and present...

Your color choice for boxing gloves? Purple!

Color choice(s) for trunks? I, being a female, am fond of the roman style trunks with the tight shorts... with the Puerto Rican flag and the Ireland flag alternating the tabs... or silver and purple because I'm silly like that XD

My father got me into this sport when I was very young and he has shown/taught me a lot and I just love him even more for it.
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